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 Like it says...(GENERAL RULES)

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PostSubject: Like it says...(GENERAL RULES)   Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:17 pm

If you're familiar with forums, then you should know that all of them have its own rules.
Here's mines:

Like a Star @ heaven No Cursing (And I mean Bad words) If you're going to CURSE any other student, make sure NON of the PROFESSORS nor the PREFECTS are watching you.

Like a Star @ heavenABSOLUTLY NO SPAM I don't like to ban, so, you're going to be erased instead.

Like a Star @ heavenNo porn or abusive behavior.

Like a Star @ heavenMagic is not allowed in the corridors

Like a Star @ heavenYou must be loyal to your House.

Like a Star @ heavenMagic is not allowed in the corridors (seriously)

Like a Star @ heavenDon't go to the Forbidden Forest without permission.

Like a Star @ heavenBy now you have noticed that we're pretty permissive with Dark Arts, but please, don't abuse them. You're gonna become ugly.

Read and learn students. If ytou have read them, post.


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Like it says...(GENERAL RULES)
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